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Ogun Designs

Holy Death Glass Candle, Protection Candles, Altar, Offering, Santa Muerte Velas

Holy Death Glass Candle, Protection Candles, Altar, Offering, Santa Muerte Velas

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Holy Death Glass Candles

Enhance your altar and offerings with our Holy Death Glass Candles from Ogundesigns, perfect for providing protection and achieving your desired results.

Our Holy Death is known for her protection against, love, health, money, job, success, family, and more.

Get your candles prepared with holy death oils and powders. Ready to offer any desires and share your blessing with her. Choose your style simple or prepared.

Simple: Plain candle only

Prepared: It will come will come holy death oils, herbs and powders.

Im a spiritual Yoruba Babalaú, need spiritual guidance let me know I can help you.
I do offer my customers a spiritual guidance at my listing which includes the way to help yourself to feel better and do better in your life.
Do not let anyone block you.

Returns & Exchange: No returns or exchanges. Final sale! I do ask to always make sure your address is correct for me to ship your orders , if you have a wrong address I will message you once and no response will you receive a full refund.

Candle Care: Ensure proper maintenance and caution when burning your candles. Keep them away from children and pets and remember to turn them off when left unsupervised.

Disclaimer: Indulge in the luxurious experience of our Holy Death Glass Candles, each infused with a unique energy that may burn at varying speeds, tailored to your individuality. Let them enhance your space with a touch of sophistication, perfect for moments of leisure and entertainment. Please note, that these candles do not guarantee any metaphysical results and are intended for entertainment purposes only.

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